We help families eliminate the stress of selling a home.

Help me unlock my equity

As-is condition 

Whether your home is ready for market or in need of updating, we can help you free up your equity to pay for care. 

No more worrying about having to manage all the personal items, funding and managing a huge repair list, or the timing to complete the sale. We take care of it all.




Elder Law Attorney

Plan your estate


Placement Agents

FREE Expert assistance finding your community 


Funding Options

Explore the vast options to fund your care


Unlock Equity

Sell your home as-is and leave the items you don't want 


With us:

As-is home sale

Close when you choose

Personal effects management (take what you want and leave the rest)

Network of resources

Focus on care not the house

No fee - Senior Transition Specialist

Stress FREE 

Without us:

Rehab Costs

Holding Costs

Stuff management (take what you want and deal with the rest)

Insurance issues

Focus on the house not your loved one

Agent fees

Showings, time delays, and pull out your hair stress

What to expect.


Contact us

Phone, email, chat bot. Whichever way works best for you. 


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We meet to discuss your specific needs. How can we serve you?


Get an offer

As-is offer with no fees or closing costs. Close when you want. Leave anything you don't want to take.


Move in

Unlock the equity from your home so you can get the care you need now, not 6 month later. 

How we are different 

Have you ever met someone that only cares for themselves? Or an Investor who only sees green and $$$'s? We get it, and we don't model ourselves in this way. Like you, we are people too.  We like to have fun. We like to serve. We like to make things easier. We are in your shoes with our own parents and helping them get the best care possible.  



Reach out for a hand

My name is Chris Whitwood. On behalf of my amazing wife Karin and our children Sofia and Roman - how may we serve you? We are a family focused team that helps other families when they need it most.  When considering Senior Living, we have industry contacts and resources to assist you with making the best decisions possible for your loved ones.  Tapping into our network allows you to focus on what is most important - your family.

We provide resources about: How to pay for care, Placement Agents, Elder Law Attorneys, Moving Companies, Personal Effects Management and/or Liquidating a home to pay for care.

There is never an obligation when you contact us. We just want to support you during what could be one of THE most difficult times.

Let us know what we can do for you.

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